Fifty shades of WTF!?!? Getting my swing popped (Part one)

I have been thinking about going to a swingers party on and off for quite sometime now. I didn’t know if this was something that I wanted to do for myself or if it was some left over thoughts from my ex still lingering in my head. After going to my sex therapist it was pretty clear that I wanted to experience it for myself.

I first met Mr Swing through AMM. He hosts swinger/gang bang nights around Melbourne. I asked if we could have a meet up first before I made any decision with jumping into the unknown. He is an older gentleman, I guess early 40s, very sweet and a great cuddler. We spoke about the scene, what I was into and what was it that I wanted to gain from the experience. He invited me to one of his events in a few months time which I agreed to. Some time after I received a text asking for numbers for the event. I quickly replied and eagerly awaited for the night to arrive.

So finally the night was here and out of all the weekends to be away Cluck Cluck was going home to Tassie. I needed a contact person so TD filled her place. I was nervous as hell. I rocked up in a cute little black dress, my chunka blocka boots and a bottle of wine. I saw Mr Swing right away and he showed me arround the place. It was a two-story house with five rooms upstairs, one of which was a private room. If we wanted to use the private room we had to tell Mr Swing.

I started to talk to a few of the people who begun to arrive. There really wasn’t many females at this party but it didn’t really concern me. I kept getting a lot of praise from people because I had come on my own. They said that I was in great company and that My Swing’s party are the best to go to. They said that I would feel safe at these parties and really that females get treated with a lot of respect because if we were not there well then there wouldn’t be a party. If I felt uncomfortable at anytime I just had to say no and that was it. I would understand this statement later on. Mr Swing kept touching base with me all night and asking if I was ok, if I felt comfortable and if anyone was annoying me at all. He did make me feel so safe.

Anyways I guess I should get to the interesting parts of the night…

Well this guy and I started to get pretty chatty and after some drinks he asked if I wanted to have a look at what was happening upstairs. I made sure he walked ahead because these steps were so small I thought I may fall over. There was a gang bang happening in one of the rooms with two ladies so he and I made our way to the private room. As we walked in two other guys followed and asked if it was ok if there joined in. I said no not at this time and they walked out. So it was just to two of us in this small room. I didn’t really know what to do. It was strange knowing that I was just there for sex and that was it so…. how do you start? He was just like ‘well I guess these can come off’ and started to undress, so I in turn followed. Of course in style I kept my boots on cos who doesn’t feel like a sexy bitch getting fucked in big boots!?!?!?! Anywho… after de robbing and standing there naked he just says ‘well ladies first, lay down and let me eat you out.’ I’m all for someone being forward and all, so I did. He wasn’t too bad but definitely not the best I have had. It’s hard finding a guy who really knows what he is doing down there. Then out of the blue the door opens and its Mr Swing asking if everything is ok. We should have told him that we were using the room but didn’t. He was fine with it and closed the door behind him. After our interruption I thought I would return the favour. His eyes went straight to the back of his head and he just kept saying ‘wow that feels good.’ Yes that made me feel pretty good about myself and I gave myself a self five in my head. He ended up stopping me and saying he better fuck me now because he was close to cumming. So he put a condom on spun me around and started fucking me doggy style. Within a few moment yes he came but I was absolutely fine with it.

I may not have had an orgasm the whole time we were together but I did find it very hard to get to that point. I’m not sure if it was my nerves from being in an unfamiliar place, the energy from all the people in the house or stage fright from being so close to  a resturant which was next door, it could have been one, all or non of these things and really it didn’t matter because I finally had my swinger party cherry popped. It may not have been in a conventional party scenario but there is much more to this story which I will continue in another post…