Fifty shades of WTF!?!? Stunt Cock

So I have been on a journey to find sex with multiple partners. I have created a profile on AMM (Adult Match Maker) so I can find like-minded people on the same quest. Of course I am not just looking for meaningless sex but a connection. I have been using this site for quite sometime but have never met up with someone until the 1st of May this year. Now this was an extremely awkward, amusing and one of the most funniest sexual experiences I have ever had. While going over my night with TD he came up with the best idea for my blog “Fifty shades of WTF” and here is chapter one!

This guy SC (stunt cock) had contacted me on AMM one day and told me a little about himself and if I would be interested in some fun one day. We exchanged some messages which lead to numbers but then I got sick and hadn’t contact him for about two weeks. While in the city after a meeting with another guy from AMM (I will go into detail with another post) I was left drinking on my own and a little horny. I decided to contact SC to see what he was up to. He just finished work and was about to go to the gym so would contact me when he was finished. I ended up catching up with TD and asked for his thoughts on SC and what I should do. I was hesitant cos I didn’t really know this guy at all. Should I go over to have some fun or continue talking to him for a bit. Well after a few fig cocktails and great conversation we decided to go home. Just as we were about to leave the bar I get a message from SC “Free?” Hmmm… What to do? With a little push from TD and some planning I decided to meet up with him.

Now this is when it all went down hill! In a funny way 🙂

I had texted TD the address of SC so someone knew where I was. I arrive out the front of his house and he comes gets me. His first words where “Wow you look so much hotter in person than your photos!” I was kinda thrown and said thanks. He began backtracking and saying “Not in a bad way I mean just that you do.” We go into his house which is a one bedroom flat. He asked if this is my first time meeting anyone off of AMM, I replied yes. He grabs my hand and takes me to the kitchen and says we should talk for a bit to calm my nerves. He pours me a wine and we literally say about 5 words to each other and he starts kissing me. Hands are going everywhere and I say we need to stop for a moment so I can text my friend to say that I am ok, he says “so they know your not dead right?” I didn’t know what to really say. So I grab my phone and he spins me around, bends me over the bench, pulls down my underwear and starts eating me out. I was shocked! Trying to text TD while that was happening was really hard and weird! It was so hard to not laugh.

I finish my text and grabbed my wine. By this point he is totally naked and I am still fully dressed minus the underwear. He proceeds to guide me to the couch, bends me over it and starts fucking me from behind. I still have my wine in my hand at this point. I look up at the TV and there is porn playing. I am really beginning to think “what the fuck have I got myself into?” I wasn’t scared but more shocked while laughing on the inside. Next thing his phone goes off and I can tell he grabs it. While still trusting I start to think is he filming me? I ask what he is doing and he replies “I’m trying to score some gear.” Oh great! Another guy that is just like my ex. How the hell do I keep picking these guys. He asks if I do drugs and if I want some. I say yes I do but no I don’t want any drugs because I have to work the next day. He finally puts down his phone and pulls me up. I get to put my wine glass down and he guides me to the other couch. He again starts fucking me from behind and within a couple of minutes BAM he cums!

What am I meant to think at this point in time? Am I actually going to get off or is this just going to be a ‘he cums and that is it’ situation? I go clean myself up and go to put on my underwear. While putting them on he asks “are you leaving?” I reply “no, I’m just putting these on because it is uncomfortable after sex and sitting down without any on.” he replies ” well would you prefer to stand?” Like what the????? I am really beginning to think that there is someone wrong with guy.

We talk for a little bit about open relationships and how both of our exs became really jealous. While we are talking his phone is still going off and the porn is still playing, He indicates that he wants some head so I give it to him. Now he is as limp as it gets and I can not get him up what so ever. I am trying all the tricks and nothing is working. I say to him “you seem to pre occupied at the moment” but he insist that we keep trying. My underwear comes off again and he tries to fuck me but it just doesn’t work. I turn around and try to give him some more head but nope… he just will not rise to the occasion, so I tap him on the leg and say “this isn’t working, I’m gonna go.” I couldn’t stay there one minute longer. I knew that all he wanted was a fuck and his drugs. I don’t want that type of lifestyle again. So I put my underwear on, grab my things and walk to the door. I hadn’t even opened the door and he was already on the couch wanking…

I was flabbergasted! What had just happened? I was in and out of his place within 30 minutes! I had to talk to someone. So as soon as I walked out the door I call TD laughing my ass off. I knew that my laughing maybe misread as crying so I tell him “I’m not crying, I’m laughing, Can I come over?” We talked about my first AMM experience for two hours later. We were crying from laugher which made it so much easier to deal with. I don’t look at this experience as a bad one but as a gift that just keeps on giving… laughter!

Now if you are wondering why this guy is called stunt cock it is because of the movie “Orgazmo” and a particular scene where they are filming a porno and just when it is getting close to the money shoot scene someone yells “cut! Stunt cock!” Due to him not being able to get it up he needed a stunt cock…lol